Legal Support

Ozka logistics company

Search of producers and goods in China, the organization of business rounds, delivery from any point of the world, providing complex legal maintenance of transactions!

Legal Support

Legal support of business is the most important stage of building cooperation relationships with Chinese partners.

Our company will be glad to help in different issues concerning import and export operations due to the active legislation in China, beginning from attendance of manufacturing plants and meetings and negotiations on behalf of customer, finishing conclusion of legitimate contracts with manufacturers and enquiries connected with enterprise registration on the territory of China.

While answering to one or another question our lawyers will not only explain how to rule any legal relations in fact, but also offer variants of alternative solutions. Also our lawyers will help you to conclude correct contract with Chinese part. This will allow to avoid situations with overdue of production terms, sudden price increase, low quality of goods and so on. In this case you will be able to pretend to compensation of losses.

Chinese legislation carefully relates to observation all legal formalities in foreign economic policy, so Chinese companies often agree to bear all penal sanctions, described in the contract in order not to face legal proceedings.
Contract can be concluded both remotely with sending of original documents by couriers and personal attendance of China by company leaders.

If you wish to commit yourself with foreign economic policy, we can conclude the contract with Chinese part on behalf of our company. Therefore we conclude intrinsic contract between our Ukrainian enterprise and client.

Correct draft contract with Chinese company is the guarantee of successful bargain.

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