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Our quality control services in China consist of competence assessment of the enterprise and enterprise inspection with expert’s visit of factory; introduction to administration and check of foundation documents, and also quality control of the goods on all stages, both in the process of production and after its finishing.

Let’s consider the last one in details:
as we wrote before quality inspection is one of the most important stages of output delivery from China. Quality test can be done whether during its production or before goods shipment. Quality audit of finished products is popular with our clients, because is suitable almost for all type of goods.

What is the best time for checking finished commodity?

Quality survey is held after end of production, when the order is ready, but is not packed, because in this case supplier won’t be able to hide part of spoiled goods.

In the event of urgent shipment, inspection is carried in several hours before loading and its sending to port. But such quality control is not desirable for the following reasons:
customer has no time to examine report of quality check.
In many cases clients want to ship the goods only in the case of positive result of quality test, but this is not the best way of cooperation with Chinese manufacturers.
If the defects can be corrected, you have no time to bring the goods to rights.
Inspection must be held at least in two days before the production will leave the territory of factory. Some customers demand to carry finished products check in two weeks before the delivery, therefore they have enough time to make a decision, the supplier – to improve the commodity.

What needs to be checked during the inspection of completed product?

Three main problem of commodity quality which can be used like as argument for goods refusal:

1. Order match

The quantity of production, components, used materials, layout, functionality, size, labels, packing and so on is checked. In a perfect world, customer presents the document , where all the characteristics of inspected output are specified.

2. Quantity of visible defects

Controller takes samples of each article of the goods. Checking one sample by one, he counts the quantity of defects and compare it with maximum eventual in accordance with supplier’s requirement.

3. Testing

Testing need to be held for a certain kinds of production. If one of the three samples doesn’t pass it, it shall be regarded that all the batch doesn’t pass the examination of inspection of finished commodity.
Limited possibilities of quality control of final products.

Difficulties of negotiations

Usually there are no problems when the goods are passing quality inspection.
The main complications – if the commodity doesn’t pass the quality check. In many cases manufacturers refuse to change the output or to reduce the price for damaged goods.

Part of batch lot

During the control of products-completed surveyor sums up the quality of part of all batch. In such a way, client has no guarantees of all batch’s quality. Besides dishonest manufacturers can replace the goods (in case when the loading is not controlled as well).


If quality inspection is limited by the check of finished products, it may happen that there’s no time to correct defects of manufacture the commodity from the beginning.

To avoid the main defaults of completed goods and to secure yourself, the quality test is needed to be held additionally.

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