Consulting in China

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Search of producers and goods in China, the organization of business rounds, delivery from any point of the world, providing complex legal maintenance of transactions!

Consulting in China

What is the meaning of the words “Consulting in China”?

Consulting — activity for consulting of customers, manufacturers and sellers through full range of questions in all spheres of business.

The main purpose of consulting — is to help management to succeed.

Therefore the main aim of “Ozka logistics” company is consulting clients in different questions, connecting with business dealing with China. We will be glad to help you, give your recommendations and answer to any of your questions in the sphere of search of reliable partner or commodity items in China which are of interest to you, creation and marking on your own brand on produced goods at Chinese factories, organization of production on the territory of China, absentia visits of major and useful exhibitions, trading platforms.

You should begin your business with China wisely. Creation of your own company in China is expensive and troublesome deal. However the services of reliable partner, who will represent your interests on the territory of China are a handy idea. You’ll necessary need control of goods in China during the loading in the container, further delivery and customs formalities.

You can start the search of manufacturers and previous price enquiry and business terms and conditions by yourself. However, if you don’t want or have no opportunity to do it, we will arrange the search of required commodity with pleasure.

It is very important to network with supplier face-to-face to know the real price for the goods. And then for further work you’d better make use of services of professional company in its deal, which will control your order, defend fully and entirely your interests. You mustn’t trust Chinese manufacturers. If possible the control functions shouldn’t be done by Chinese. It will be cheaper to you in long-term prospects. It is better to make a bargain with the company, not an individual.

The main problem during the work with consulting companies is that the majority of them consist of one or two pimple-faced young sinophiles, who foggily have an idea about business dealing.

Besides, they are most probably behaving themselves like Chinese-born residents insomuch that they will promise you everything in order to get this order.

We recommend you to choose serious companies, especially if you plan to grow your business, when the shipment of consolidated cargo evolves into regular container carriages. In this case the work directly with Chinese manufacturers can play a low-down trick, especially if you lose fibers of control here in China.

Benefits of work with our company:
  • Experienced employees are working in our staff, they will take the search of goods, communication with Chinese suppliers upon themselves, they knows Chinese very well, what is very important and speed up the process of understanding from the side of manufacturer.
  • Being in China, we are able to check the reality of existing one or another company, which you chose.
  • We perform control of the goods in the process of production, before the loading in the container, during container purchases and not only.
  • We help with the delivery of goods and custom clearance.
  • We make out documents per your request.
Where to start?

First of all you should analyze the market and choose the most competitive price offers, point out suppliers that match all parameters.

If you know what product you want to buy and already found the manufacturer in China, which production completely satisfies all your requirements, we will be glad to help you in further negotiations with one or another supplier, ordering and conclusion of contracts with manufacturers, you can read more about it in the next our chapter “LEGAL SUPPORT”.

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