Business trips to China

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Search of producers and goods in China, the organization of business rounds, delivery from any point of the world, providing complex legal maintenance of transactions!

Business trips to China

There is a clip of not only a local market in China but enterprises with foreign investment. Representatives of big international corporations grow like mushrooms after the rain.
For sure trips with the purpose of business development occupy great ratio of all visits to China.
Furthermore the goods which are imported from China successfully compete at the price with European, Russian and other products. It is not difficult to find whatever you want and at any price In Celestial Empire: there are cheap consumer goods, expensive upscale products and even exclusive things there. There’s no point to wait until the goods delivered to Ukraine and it will be sold with a huge extra charge. You can organize own business by yourself, that will be based on direct supplies of any commodity from China.
Moreover there are plenty of choices:

  • furniture;
  • fabric;.
  • electrical appliances;
  • homeware;
  • industrial equipment.
You only need to define a goal of your visit to China, everything else we will take upon ourselves.

To organize everything for a trip abroad is not so easy. That is why businessmen prefer not to waste their time for these things and trust organization of the travel to professionals. They refer to “Ozka logistics” company.
We are ready to help you in building business tours to China in such a way as to make them most useful for solving your functional enquiries. The program of visit is made for every customer individually. As per your request and demands we will put on attendance of plants , fairs, factories, exhibitions in it. Also specialists of “Ozka logistics” company will help you with opening of business visa to China.

Business tours to China from A to Z

«Ozka logistics» company is interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. So our experts will do everything to make business tours to China the beginning of a new successful activity for you and enter new comfortable operations.

To provide excellent service we will foresee the smallest demands during your business trip which includes:

  • invitation from our Chinese company;
  • ticketing for international and domestic flights
  • hotel booking;
  • transfer to the hotel;
  • services of interpreter during business negotiations;
  • meeting with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.

Business journeys to China, organized with a help of «Ozka logistics» company will become a basis of intensive development of your business in a new flow.

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