Partners of the company

Ozka logistics company

Search of producers and goods in China, the organization of business rounds, delivery from any point of the world, providing complex legal maintenance of transactions!

Our partners

1«Odessa Plant of Cable Fittings» – is a reliable and tried-and-true partner which is on the market since 2001. In the process of cable fitting manufacturing only certified materials are used. Constant control of production quality during all the stages of manufacturing and usage of modern technologies, enabled the company to establish as a leader in the market.

2Shipping lines:

CMA CGM«CMA CGM Group» - is one of the biggest shipping Lines with General Headquarters in Marcel (France) deals with container shipments all over the world;
«MAERSK», «Safmarine», «Damco» – is a group well known Danish Companies with a high reputation, being a leader in the field of sea shipments; maersksafmarindamco
msc «MSC» – Mediterranean Shipping Company – a private shipping company founded in Genoa (Switzerland) in 1970. Just less than 40 years this company accomplished explosive growth from a small shipping operator to the world leading shipping company.

3Air Companies:

«Turkish Airlines», «AEROFLOT», «Austrian Airlines», «Air France» - the biggest air lines dealing with passenger as well as cargo carriages.
Turkish AirlinesАэрофлотAustrian AirlinesAir France

4Railway companies: