Ozka logistics company

Search of producers and goods in China, the organization of business rounds, delivery from any point of the world, providing complex legal maintenance of transactions!

About us

бизнес команда

«Ozka logistics» was founded in 2001 and approved itself as reliable and sound partner, representing interests of its clients on the territory of China, EC, Turkey, India, America and SIC countries.
Everything connected with international trade, working out optimal logistic scheme of cargo shipment and custom clearance of different cargo groups is our business. A professional team will help you make your choice regarding a reliable and checked supplier and make all-inclusive solution of any question put by the client.
We give all specter of consulting and informational service in cross-border logistics, international shipments; this is a main activity of our company.
Our target is your long-lasting and mutually fruitful cooperation with our business partners all over the world.
Our company has broker and forwarding departments (port of Ilyichevsk, port of Odessa, port Yuzniy) which makes the fulfillment of the job much easy, during the execution of your cargo.
It does not matter whatever you carry 100 kg or it is the whole container lot, in any case we will be happy to share with you our long term professional skill to make your business more profitable.